Restaurant Le Romarin

La Colle sur Loup

French Riviera

The menu 

Le Romarin presents a short menu that is renewed very regularly depending on the market. However, you will always find a selection of 100% French beef, of meat breed, with different pieces offered depending on the arrivals.

The supplies are made as much as possible in a short circuit thanks to producers, breeders, market gardeners established locally and are a guarantee of freshness and quality. Raw, fresh produce and homemade cooking.


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 Update menu on April 18th 2024



Salmon gravelax marinated with dill 16€


Home made foie gras of french duck, home made chutney with red oinion 18€


Home made pie with chanterelles 14€

Served warm


Home made country style terrine 12€ 

100% french pork


Aperitive plate to share 22€

cheeses & parm ham, dry sausage


Main courses


Beef origin France

Breed : Simmental



Prime rib steak (to share) 

Around 1kg - 10€ for 100g

With provencal herbs*

2 fresh french fries


Entrecote XL (400-700g)

11€ for 100g

With provencal herbs*

1 fresh french fries


Fillet of beef (160g) 37€

Home made creamy sauce with morels 

Fresh french fries.


Home made burger

"shepherd" 24€ 

Home made steak (180g), goat cheese, crispy bacon, honey, tomatoe, onions caramelized, salad.

Fresh french fries.


Sirloin steak (230g) 30€

Home made green pepper sauce

Fresh french fries


Home made beef brochettes 29€

marinated with Andalusian spices

Fresh french fries


Roast half cockerel 27€

Home made creamy mushroom sauce

Fresh french fries 


Pasta linguinis with summer truffles 29€ 🥬

Cream sauce truffles and truffles in carpaccio.


Salmon fillet 29€

Origin from North East Atlantic.

Sustainable fishing

Basil creamy sauce

Quinoa, vegetables


*Home made sauce 

Butter "maître d'hôtel" +2€

Morels +3€


Added accompaniement +5€

Frech french fries, salad, vegetables


Desserts home made


Home made dark chocolate fondant, vanilla ice-cream 10.5€ 


Home made tiramisu with fresh local strawberries 10.5€ 


Home made apple pie with vanilla ice-cream 10.5€


Colonel 11.5€

3 scoop of lemon sorbet, Vodka


Café gourmand 12€

Hot drink with little pastries


Flute gourmande 19€

Champagne with little pastries


Spirit gourmand 18€

Choice of liquor (4cl) with little pastries

MENU 51€ 

Valid for lunch and dinner

Salmon gravelax


Home made pie with chanterelles and bacon. Served warm.


Home made country style terrine 




Beef brochettes

fresh french fries


Salmon fillet

Origin from North East Atlantic.

Sustainable fishing

Basil creamy sauce

Thaï rice, vegetables




Home made apple pie

with vanilla ice-cream


Home made strawberries tiramisu