The menu 

Le Romarin presents a short menu that is renewed very regularly depending on the market. However, you will always find a selection of 100% French beef, of meat breed, with different pieces offered depending on the arrivals.

The supplies are made as much as possible in a short circuit thanks to producers, breeders, market gardeners established locally and are a guarantee of freshness and quality.


Update menu on October 6th 2022



Salmon in gravelax 13.5€

Raw salmon marinated with lemon & dill


Fine homemade pear tartlet with cheese "St Félicien", nuts & honey 13€


Stuff vegetables 13€

speciality of Nice

Zucchini, tomatoe, pepper with pork stuffing, salad 


Aperitive plate to share 18.5€

cheeses & parm ham, dry sausage


Main courses


Beef origin France


T bone steak (2 pers 1kg) 76€

With provencal herbs


Sirloin steak 25€

Butter "maitre d'hotel"


Home made burger 21€

Auvergnat : Cheese St Nectaire, mashed onions, tomatoe, salad.


Ribs of porc 21€

caramelized with honey

home made barbecue sauce 


Cod fillet 22€

Home made pesto sauce

Served with thaï rice & zucchini




Home made sauce +2€

Green pepper

Butter "maître d'hôtel" 

Blue cheese


All our meats are served with small roasted potatoes and provencal tomatoe

Desserts home made


Apple pie 9.5€

with salty caramel, whipped cream


Fresh figs cake 9,5€

vanilla & rosemary ice-cream 

figs chutney


Chocolate fondant 9.5€

Dark chocolate cake with flowing chocolate, vanilla ice-cream


Colonel 11.5€

3 lemon sorbet, Vodka


Café gourmand 11€

Hot drink with little sweets


Flute gourmande 19€

Champagne Tattinger with little sweets